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S scale model trains

National network of travel industry tipsters pays off for DEA; more than $209M seized - News -

It was just easier to get the asset, and thats where you make a dent in the criminal organization. Buy this photo DEA agents have profiled passengers on Amtrak trains and nearly every major U.S. airline, drawing on reports from a network of travel-industry informants that extends from ticket counters to back offices, a USA Today investigation has found. Agents assigned to airports and train stations singled out passengers for questioning or searches for reasons as seemingly benign as traveling one way to California or having paid for a ticket in cash. The DEA surveillance is separate from the vast and widely known anti-terrorism apparatus that now surrounds air travel, which is rarely used for routine law enforcement. It has been carried out largely without the airlines knowledge. It is a lucrative endeavor, and one that remains largely unknown outside the drug agency. DEA units assigned to patrol 15 of the nations busiest airports, including Newark Liberty International, seized more than $209 million in cash from at least 5,200 people in the past 10 years after concluding the money was linked to drug trafficking, according to Justice Department records. Most of the money was passed on to local police departments that lend officers to assist the drug agency. They count on this as part of the budget, said Louis Weiss, a former supervisor of the DEA group assigned to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Basically, youve got to feed the monster. In most cases, records show the agents gave the suspected couriers a receipt for the cash sometimes totaling $50,000 or more, stuffed into suitcases or socks and sent them on their way without ever charging them with a crime. The DEA would not comment on how it obtains records of Americans domestic travel, or on what scale.

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Edited Transcript of LNG earnings conference call or presentation 9-Aug-16 2:00pm GMT

Can you remind us what the credit rating agencies are looking for, with respect to a potential upgrade to investment grade for SPL? And you've done some bond issuances to term out the credit facility, but given the anxiety with the energy tape and leverage of maturing companies in general, obviously your leverage is often the topic that's brought up by investors, given all of the contracts roll off in a short time period. I know it's 20 years out, and who knows what the world will be like then, but what do you think the steps are the Company needs to take today, to alleviate some of those concerns that weigh on the stock every time commodity prices are down? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Wortley, Cheniere Energy, Inc. - SVP and CFO [3] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christine, so I think the first thing, the agencies are looking for derisking of the construction process. So we talk about, our projects are financed with investment-grade credit metrics, they are. The agencies are looking for a debt service coverage ratio of something north of 1.4. Our two projects are using conservative consumptions, more like 1.6, 1.7, so it's really a matter of time, for us getting there. S&P has said they want to see two trains up and running, and then they'll consider, right? And the next upgrade from S&P will put us at investment grade.

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